Manufacturer MirPack — manufacture of trash bags, wholesale

Garbage bags under TM MIRPACK — oriented B2C products

New series of garbage bags Extra

New series of garbage bags Extra

A distinctive feature of this series is the best combination of price and strength, as well as convenient packaging and a variety of colors.

Classic - proven quality in a new convenient package

Мешки под мусор MIRPACK Classic

Series "Classic" - quality, economical package. With its convenient size bags are easily put into a bucket and tanks. Bags are available in 8 sizes: 30, 60, 120 litres.

"STANDART" - quality at an affordable price

Пакеты для мусора "Standart" MIRPACK

A series of "STANDARD" is a perfect combination of material strength, and the best prices. With its convenient size bags are easily put into a bucket and tanks. Bags are available in 8 sizes: 20, 30, 60, 120, 160, 180, 240 liters.

"PREMIUM" - increased strength

Мешки мусорные серии "Premium" MIRPACK

Series "PREMIUM" - high strength, two times thicker and tougher. Series of bags for particularly demanding customers, for those who appreciate quality. Bags are available in 5 sizes 30, 60, 120, 180, 240 liters.

"PURE ECOLOGY" - biodegradable and with design packages

Garbage bags biodegradable with a special additive that enables environmentally friendly to dispose of waste and save our nature for our children.

"Practical life" - trash bags with handles 35 and 60 liters

Пакеты для мусора с ручками

Trash bags with handles 35 and 60 litres, convenient and practical habitual to use. Analog soldering of packages is suitable both for trash and for carrying shopping and other things.

New! DELUXE - garbage bags with drawstring

мешки для мусора с завязками

Garbage bags with drawstring of the 3-component raw materials of high strength.Vypuskayutsya black: 35L.60L.120L.180л.240 HP.

«VIP» - the Deluxe series bags with ties high strength

Мешки для мусора с завязками

A series of "VIP"- convenience and practicality in all bags with drawstring for tight backside of debris. Manufactured from high strength polyethylene 35, 60 bright white color, with red tape.

"Professional" is a series of garbage bags designed specifically for professionals in economy winding with the simplified label.

Серия "Professional" мешки мусорные

Bags for construction waste "CONSTRUCTION"

Мешки для строительного мусора

Bags "CONSTRUCTION" - a series of bags specially designed for heavy and sharp debris, sealed at carrying out even the liquid waste in the roll of 5 pieces, one bag can withstand a load of more than 50 kg.

Packs for Breakfast

Пакеты для завтраков

Convenient, practical and economical. Every housewife will appreciate the convenient solution of transporting the sandwich or other food.

Tablecloth color "PiknichOK",plastic food LDPE

Скатерть цветная "PiknichOK",полиэтиленовая пищевая ПВД

Скатерть одноразовая

Environmental durable tablecloth from food polyethylene of high pressure, different colors: medium thickness Standart. High durability, comfort and large sizes. Is issued in rolls of 5 pieces. Now the table will be enough for everyone.

Storage and disposal of household and industrial waste causes a lot of trouble? Welcome you in "MirPack". We are the largest manufacturer of plastic products in Russia with a monthly turnover of more than 450 tons of finished products. To date, the network "MirPack" includes 5 companies that produce products under their own brand.

For our clients we offer:

  • bags, garbage bags wholesale from the manufacturer;
  • manufacturer of polyethylene products according to individual order (color, shape, size, logo);
  • free shipping when ordering from 36 thousand rubles. in Moscow;
  • minimum order of 16 thousand rubles;
  • certified product (ISO 9001:2008);
  • a wide range of products.

Manufacturing technology

We offer packages and trash bags — manufacture of high pressure polyethylene in Moscow. Ordering can be performed on individual conditions — you provide the sketches, choose the color and the logo which will be applied to the packages or bags.

Unlike competitors, during production we use high quality raw material (granulated HDPE and LDPE) from foreign suppliers. Also manufacturing of garbage bags of LDPE is carried out using the whole line of professional equipment (from Italy, France, Korea, Spain):

  • extruders;
  • flexo machine;
  • multifunctional machine for production of bags and packages.

Our clients appreciate the high quality of the raw product: excellent durability, tightness and resistance to punctures. We manufacture garbage bags (LDPE) on individual terms. The cost depends on lot-size, color and so on. Ask our managers.

Product range and application field of garbage bags

We offer a huge selection of bags, and buy bags in bulk from the manufacturer in Moscow. We do not limit ourselves to the products and regularly introduce new technologies. Bags marked with a BIO intended for separate disposal after a few years, they completely dissolve in the soil. This is the best way of recycling organic waste.

Scope of bags and packages:

  • storage and disposal of garbage;
  • transportation of construction materials (including sharps);
  • disposal of medical waste;
  • the transportation of food products and more.

We are always open to cooperation and ready to offer trash bags from the manufacturer wholesale and retail to the extent that you need. In a warehouse always there is about 250 tons of finished products and the plant capacity allows to produce bags or packages of up to 30 thousand in rolls of up to 160 thousand in the layers a day.

"MirPack" is the best manufacturer of garbage bags of LDPE, which offers favorable conditions and a large production capacity for its customers. To order suggest you to see the range of products presented on the website pages. To familiarize with the actual prices and order details and delivery address to our consultants.