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Group of companies MIRPACK once again successfully expanded its capacity by installing a new high-tech equipment Hemingstone Machinery HM -1000 MR, bag making machine strictly complies with all international standards of quality and safety (compliance with quality certificates CE and ISO 9001:2000). This equipment will allow to increase not only the quantity and assortment indicator, but also greatly improve the quality of products. Continuous investment and expansion of existing equipment allow MIRPACK to look forward with your head held high, gaining more and more market share and popularity among our customers. We can say that we are now ready to produce products not only the quality of the Russian Federation and the CIS, but also to maintain the international quality standards to manufacture products of world level. Our plans for the fall installation and start-up of three-layer plant for the production of bags and garbage bags large size. With the expansion of the production shop in 2 times. ( currently there is an active stage of construction)
19 October 2016

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