Overhaul extrusion equipment

GK MIRPACK continues updating the main nodes of the blowing equipment and the replacement of all major parts of single-screw extruders, to improve the quality of products. The company changes at all extruders screw pairs on the new modern with the best ratio of performance and qualitative mixing of raw materials as a result of extrusion, to ensure the best cleaning, we installed a fully automatic continuous filtration system. In collaboration with advanced systems for the blown film method of blowing , heads of extruders responsible for the quality of the end product change for a new, modern system while replacing the system blower. EXTRUDERS slide This year investments CC MIRPACK to update the nodes ekstruzionnogo equipment amounted to 150 000 $. At the moment is the replacement of parts free of equipment the planning phase is complete overhaul October 2016. With the change of units, we will raise product quality to world level in the segments of products manufactured MIRPACK.
19 October 2016

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