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Our products

Garbage bags for

  • domestic waste
  • demolition waste
  • street trash
  • industrial waste

Medical products

  • shoe covers
  • gowns
  • face masks
  • disposal bags

Plastic bags(polyethylene)

  • liners
  • for containers
  • for transportation
  • for storage

Plastic bags (polypropylene)

  • for trash
  • for storage
  • for pre-packing

Household goods

  • Cling film
  • Gloves
  • Sponges and napkins
  • Foil, cooking bags, parchment paper

Polyethylene film

  • for gardening
  • for construction
  • for packing and storage

Why buy from the manufacturer

The manufacturer

  • Offers the best price due to the markup of the production cost
  • Controls the quality at every stage of production
  • Has a large range of products in stock and restocks the warehouse regularly
  • Manufactures the products quickly, if they are not in stock
  • Can manufacture any products possible for the equipment

The wholesale merchant without its production

  • Sells at a markup of the manufacturer’s markup
  • Can’t control the quality but only rejects
  • Restocks the range of products, if necessary
  • If some product is not in stock, orders and waits for it to be supplied
  • Offers what is on the supplier’s catalogue

Special offers

For wholesale buyers

  • Personal discount system
  • Grace for payment through a factoring company
  • Release of products under your brand
  • Ex-works the warehouse in Zhukov city, Kaluga region.
  • Free delivery in Moscow to an address or a shipping agent at the order of over 50,000 RUB.
  • 50% discount for picking the goods in “Delovye Linii” Shipping Company in Obninsk city


  • Layaway of products upon the first application
  • Quick manufacture of missing items
  • Out-of-turn shipment
  • Replace non-liquid goods with liquid goods
  • Grace for payment up to 120 days through a factoring company
  • Provide promotional and marketing support
  • Redirect inquiries from the reselling region to the reseller

How to choose bags upon your criteria

Plastic garbage bags (polyethylene)

Professional needs

Collect trash in streets, at construction and manufacturing sites

  • made of low-density polyethylene
  • made of mixed polyethylene
  • made of two- and three-layer polyethylene
  • stronger
  • can bear less weight than HD PE bags while the thickness is the same (excluding multiple-layer bags)

Domestic needs

Collect trash at home, in the office, public agencies

  • made of high-density polyethylene
  • less strong
  • can bear higher weight than LD PE bags while the thickness is the same
Полиэтиленовые мешки для мусора

Specific features

  • single-layer and multiple-layer bags of different materials
  • Bio-degradable
  • with draw strings, handles, with skewed lobes
  • different colors for separate waste collection
  • with bellows or star-shaped bottom

Load capacity

1.5-150 kg


8-500 L


5-110 µm

Plastic bags (polyethylene) for storage and transportation

For packing, storage and transportation of foods, non-food products, things for moving

Specific features

  • made of primary raw materials
  • suitable for contact with foods
  • no smell and trace elements
  • individual packing and liners for containers, bags, boxes
  • smooth and strong
  • clear and colored

Load capacity

1.5-150 kg


20-200 µm


Полиэтиленовые мешки для хранения и транспортировки

Plastic bags (polypropylene)

Grade 1

For pre-packing, storage, carrying, selling sugar, vegetables, flour, fertilizers, construction materials

Grade 2

For collecting waste in streets, areas, production floors, construction sites

Specific features

  • with valves
  • with handles
  • with polyethylene liners
  • laminated

Load capacity

5-100 kg


50-100 g/m2
Полипропиленовые мешки

Our production is

3 000 m2

of production area

20 years

of experience of the leading employees

20 machines

of the world’s leading manufacturers

6,000 tons

of products a year

270 types

of 10 to 500 litres bags

  • 1 Mirpack is full-cycle production from raw materials to finished products. Polyethylene and other raw materials, components and additions from suppliers are processed into a material used to produce the finished products.
  • 2We regularly implement new production technologies. We are producing eco-friendly bio-degradable bags. We have started a multi-layer polyethylene film production line and use different materials to make inner and outer layers. A bag made of such a film is stronger and can hold a higher weight.
  • 31.500 kW standalone substation and diesel standby power supply sources. In case of a blackout, the production will stop only for switching to the standby power supply sources. The power failures will not affect the production speed and delivery dates.
  • 4Own laboratory controls the quality of each lot. The quality is controlled at each stage of production. The laboratory analyzes the raw materials, then the resulting material and finished products. If we find any nonconformity with criteria and technical specifications at any stage, everything is returned for recycling.

Mirpack production is certified

We have a number of certificates that confirm the professionalism of our company


  • How many days after invoicing do you ship goods?

    If the goods are in stock and the loading schedule is flexible, we deliver an order within 1-2 days after receipt of payment in the transaction account. You can pick the goods directly after the receipt.

  • What is the minimum lot for ordering?

    The minimum order amount in case of pick-up at the warehouse or delivery by any shipping company is 10,000 rubles. The minimum amount of order and delivery in Moscow or to any shipping company is 30,000 rubles, the delivery cost 1,500 rubles. The minimum amount of order and free delivery in Moscow or to any shipping company is 50,000 rubles.

  • Where is the warehouse for pick up?

    The warehouses, office and production site are located at the following address: 56, Sovetskaya street, Zhukov city, Kaluga region (100 km from the Moscow Ring Road).

  • Is there grace for payment?

    We provide grace for payment through a factoring company.

  • How long does it take to put the order together, are the goods in stock?

    We regularly monitor the stock balance, that is why all the products in the price list are always in stock. The exception is seasonal spikes.

  • How to distinguish between LDPE and HDPE bags?

    LDPE is low-density polyethylene. It is smooth, shiny, elastic. It is ideal for collecting wastes with sharp edges.
    HDPE is high-density polyethylene. It is rough, matted, rustles, practically does not stretch. Prone to longitudinal punctures.