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Group of manufacturing companies MIRPACK (now 5 companies)- organized in 1998 on the basis of imported equipment for the production of film production of a wide profile, at the moment, annual production is 450 tons. We produce: Packages,bags under the litter on PND under its own brand MIRPACK 56 species from 20 to 240 litres and LDPE of various sizes from 20 to 240 litres,of any color.Possible use of data bags are not only in waste collection but also the packaging and transportation of the goods or another products. Depending on the density of all bags and packages are divided into domestic, regular or reinforced. There is the same type of packets and bags of high density is able to withstand punctures and impacts from sharp objects, this kind of products is ideal for construction and other debris with guaranteed wear resistance to punctures and weights more than 100 kg.
Our Facilities:
1) LDPE layers - 160 000 PCs per day
2) LDPE rolls TM MiRPACK - 30 000 rolls per day
3) tie the MDP - TM MiRPACK - 180 boxes per day
4) tie LDPE - TM MiRPACK - 300 boxes a day
5) HDPE rolls of 600 boxes a day.
6) new direction Mike has an Installed capacity of 36 000 t-shirts per hour. print up to 2 colors.
New changes of national currency rate will allow You in cooperation with our companies to get high-quality product , new and unique brand on your rune MIRPACK and very attractive prices for the end consumer. That promotes regular purchases and earnings with us.

Exports to other countries, for Your convenience, we have installed numbers of some countries, please contact our export Department by phone or special email.
Тел: +39(06) 948 - 04 - 788    Italy,Rome
Тел: +44(20) 380 - 87 - 048    England, London
Тел: +1(929) 999 - 25 - 90      United States, New York

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mobl: +7(905)745-39-32  Oksana

We invite interested partnersfrom all countries withthe cooperation with MIRPACK, waiting for your letterson e-mail leader
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A series of new standard - economical winding 5 pieces

Oct 19, 2016
In a series of garbage bags MIRPACK - Standart appeared garbage bags 180 and 240 litres in the economical winding of medium thickness for volumetric light debris, for those who need a little bit of bags at an attractive price on the shelf. Small winding and…
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We are pleased to announce the beginning of the decline in prices from 12.09.2016

Oct 19, 2016
We are pleased to announce the beginning of the decline in prices Dear customers, partners, friends.In connection with the continued decline of prices for primary raw materials, we are pleased to announce the beginning of the decline in prices of manufactured…

Overhaul extrusion equipment

Oct 19, 2016
Overhaul extrusion equipment GK MIRPACK continues updating the main nodes of the blowing equipment and the replacement of all major parts of single-screw extruders, to improve the quality of products. The company changes at all extruders screw pairs on the…
HM - 1000 MR

The launch of the new bag making equipment HM - 1000 MR

Oct 19, 2016
The launch of the new bag making equipment HM - 1000 MR Group of companies MIRPACK once again successfully expanded its capacity by installing a new high-tech equipment Hemingstone Machinery HM -1000 MR, bag making machine strictly complies with all…

Export MIRPACK 2016

Jan 15, 2016